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Bring your Ideas, pre-conceived notions and absurd dreams. Share Ideas, Conspiracies, God, faith, anything you feel passionate about or wish to explore in a free spirited and safe collaborative atmosphere.

All belief systems will be welcomed in love here, just be respectful and let the real truths shine forth. Please feel welcome to join up and become a member. This is a freethinking safe zone So let us begin the discussions. be brave and tell the world what you think

We have uploaded a sampling of u-tube videos , blogs ,  articles to begin with some discussion starters but the old format was scrubbed to allow interactive discussions. Please feel free to join and begin by add writings, links or leave a video blog or a radio pod cast.  We are a many splendored people and ideas shared can brighten and enlighten each of us. 

Welcome  one and all to the new page, Let us sit and reason together! All points of view are welcome. You do not have to agree to belong here. We believe pre-conceived notions and miss-conceptions about truth, law Versus Grace, dogma and Doctrines can be overcome by the Love Walk. Come and share your thoughts, your points of view and let us see if the merits of the truth may brings understanding and lead us into the place found at the beginning....."One Accord" .

Tired of Facebook groups and sites where only those in agreement are welcome? We were too so we have created a Idea Safe Zone.  Are you a believer who wonders at the dissention between Torah Observant and Grace believers? Are you looking for a real time personal connection with the living Spirit of Love? Do you wonder if God still speaks? Is the metaphysical and Mystic still available to humans today? It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.?? (Matthew 4:4)

The distraction in this Modern Life can be very subtle and the post modern mental pyridine is tribal and confrontational. Wouldn't you like to discuss those topics that intrigue you calmly and with mutual respect?

So please come join and become a member of the free thinking virtual discussion room. Agnostic? Atheist? Spiritualist? From another belief system all together? This is fine here we welcome you in love. Test us. You can now sign in with face book simply go to the members page and click the join button. It's easier than ever.

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